As a growing enterprise, we're still finding our feet, still evolving, asking questions, making mistakes, learning more, yearning for more, striving for excellence all the while. Our team of passionate individuals are closely knit and share 123Stores' belief system. The following tenets are deeply ingrained in each one of us here:


Customer Focus

Our customers are at the forefront of our every thought & process. We're constantly asking ourselves, "How does the customer benefit from this?"


Do it anew

There's always a better and more efficient way to do things.


Push Yourself

Break the illusory barriers. Any limitations are self-imposed.



Keep pushing the frontiers of what you think is possible.


Don't wait. Act.

When in doubt, just do.


Dig Deep

Get to the bottom of every business need and requirement, come out with solutions with strong, scalable foundations.


Deliver Results

Everything has a purpose. Understand what you're working on, why you're working on it, so you can deliver uncompromising results.


Lean Start-up Mentality

Do more with less. Then do it again.

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